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Troll Ekstrem 30/21, 15kg
Troll Ekstrem, 30x15kg = 450kg
TROLL EKSTREM is a dry feed for especially hard-working dogs with very high standards of sufficient and properly balanced nutrition in EKSTREMly demanding work. Now added FOS for improved intestinal flora also on the most demanding days.

In the development of this feed, we challenged most physically demanding dog care available in this country, migratory hunting and herding communities.
It would be a long and hard way to go to meet the uncompromising demands we met here, and we got a lot of "bank" under way.

TROLL EKSTREM has now emerged as the ultimate result of years of systematic
collection of data and practical knowledge from leading Norwegian and Swedish
dog people, and made possible by our partnership with Doggy AB, one of the few special facilities in the world that is certified or ISO 9001 standard.

Crucial choice of fat sources
Extra high taste and large, easily digestible energy density, the basic requirements we had to meet. The choice of fat sources is crucial in order to meet these requirements. High fat content alone is in fact no guarantee. If your dog could benefit from the fat must, inter alia, be fluent by the dog's body temperature, the essential fatty acids must be present in the right amounts and in the proper interrelationship that they should be fully exploited. Many of the commonly used fat source in dog food is therefore totally unsuitable when quality standards are as high as those we are dealing with here. The high fat content energises and enhances the dog's ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Modern production techniques.
TROLL EKSTREM produced on a machine with vakumcoater. This means that the grease filled into pellets by air in the pellet is extracted by vacuum. In TROLL EKSTREM will thus much more of the fat in the diet is inside the pellet than on a food that is produced with old-fashioned coating where all the fat of 7.8% is supplied through the pellets bathed in grease placed on the exterior. In relation to the TROLL from previous years, and all other fat-rich feed produced without vakumcoater will thus see that TROLL EKSTREM is much more stable in the amount of fat from generation to generation, and that less fat havens "outside dog" in that it does not is again settle in the sack, on the edges of fôrbøtta, Forosen, Feed Skip, and for those dogs that overturns the bowl and eat from the ground, in the water that the dog spilled out and not ingest. 21% fat produced by vakumcoater can therefore provide more food into the dog than a feed with eg 25 to 27% fat produced with an external coating.

EKSTREMly good results
Many years of practical work with dogs that are exposed to EKSTREM, especially sledding and hunting dogs, showed that the mineral block had to be given special attention.
A number of trials and controlled tests over several years showed that especially the level of
calcium and phosphorus have increased significantly the level we have reached now, seems to give very good results.

Wheat, Dried Chicken, benfett, bone meal of pork, dried ice fishing, chicken broth, dried beet pulp, corn germ, potato protein, blood, cikoriainulin / FOS. sodium chloride, potassium chloride, yeast, mono calcium phosphate, minerals and vitamins.
Negotiable energy: about 16,500 KJ / 3,970 kcal
Protein 30.0%
Fat 21.0%
Fiber 1.5%
Water 8.0%
Ash 8.0% of which: 1.9% calcium and 1.6% phosphorus
Added per kg / feed:

Vitamins: Vitamin A 11191 IU Vitamin D3 1177 IU vitamin E 70 mg (all-rac-α-tocopheryl acetate) 5.9 mg Copper (copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate), 5.8 mg manganese (manganese-II & -III oxide), zinc 36 mg (zinc sulphate monohydrate), 1.8 mg of iodine (kalsiumjodat, monohydrate).
Energy-resistant materials protected by EU approved antioxidant

TROLL EKSTREM need a long time to wet the due the high fat content, but the best results are obtained when the feed gets to keep a hard core after standing in water for 15-20 minutes. Many also prefer to give the feed dry or turning on some water while the lining is poured into the bowl. Do not let uoppspiste residues remain. Empty and wash the bowl immediately after the meal is over. Remember water !!!

TROLL-an unbeatable combination of dry food and wet food,
             when quality and safety matters most!

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